Say Hello to Liz

She loves equipment leasing. Weird right? Liz and her team are here to help you close your lease business.

Liz and her team have done this a lot and they do it very well!

We guarantee it!


We never recommend our services if we don’t think we’re a good fit for your business.


This is how the team works…


If you have questions, concerns, or just want to get an update on your deal, you can get
ahold of your team instantly with a quick message. It’s just like texting your co-worker.
But this co-worker is going to take your equipment leasing deals off your hands.

What do you get when you hire our team?
● Review all applications submitted
● Obtain supporting documentation from the customer – personal guarantors, financial packages, tax lien releases, etc.
● Direct communication with your customer on credit decisions
● Documentation team to prepare and send out documents directly to your customer
● Direct communication with the customer to ensure proper documentation signing


Let’s rock n’ roll

Meet Liz’s Teammates


They’ll collect all of your customer’s data  needed to get your customer’s approved.

Stop trying to focus on equipment leasing and go back to doing what you love. Let our team help you close all of your lease deals.



4% of the invoice if below $50k
2% of the invoice if invoice is between $50k - $150k
1% of the invoice if invoice above $150k